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Doublie 5 stars!

So as I logged in online to write the review posted below after receiving my bike, and after writing my review, I noticed that the price of the bike that I was so excited about had just dropped $600 from what I just paid last week for it!!

So I clicked on the Chat now, explained what happened and they matched the new price in 5 minutes. Now bickering, haggling, or anything. They just said we understand and you have $600 coming back to you!

How awesome is that for customer service?!

I'll definitely sing their praises to friends and will definitely be shopping for my other gear from backcountry!

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Yeah, with regards to the Stork Absolutist I bought, at first they matched their new price & I got a 300 dollar credit which was way cool. But then the price dropped again by 100 (but only for a day, as a TDF special) and they said they would not credit me because I had made upgrades to the bars (I spec'd a 3T carbon bar that was 40% off instead of the build-kit Zipp SC ). Weird in that guy who gave me the first credit told me that it was the frame that was discounted, not the parts swaps were irrelevant. Also weird in that in the first instance, it would have been cheaper to send the bike back entirely and just buy it again (w/same upgraded bars), but in the second, I really had no choice, so I was screwed. Note that The credit I got for the trade in for the bars was far smaller than the 100 I would have picked up for the price guarantee match. Also, I believe the price guarantee is only for 60 days. Buyer beware!!!!!!!