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Don't buy if your going far

Well, the 2010 model is still a little scary. I don't feel comfortable using it except short trips to trails & races. There is just nothing that beats the stability of a fork mounted rack. That being said this is super easy to use with mountain bikes, as you don't have to take the front wheel off and risk messing up the disk. Now the other point of that. This doesn't work with a couple of full suspension bikes I've notices. So if you've got a road bike or hardtail, are driving less than sixty five mph and less than a half hour, your good to buy this. If not, get the peleton.

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Went from Vancouver to Banff, Jasper and Back, 3000km on winding highways with a 2010 model. Not a problem after 4 years using them.
PS: these would have come as official accessories on Land Rovers and Porsches (at the time when I bought them).