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Gear Review

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Doesn't fit wheel very well

These are a bit tight, at least up front. I gave the end cap a few turns and it's hard to fit the wheel into the fork's dropouts with the skewer on (yes, the end springs were pointy end facing in). Took them off, put the wheel in, then popped the skewer on and it clamped down after just barely tightening the end cap. I tried to take it off and the drop out tabs kept me from being able to take the wheel out. I spin the end cap loose until it falls off and pop it on with half a turn and the wheel manages to come out with a bit of coercion. Definitely a bit tight.

I basically wanted something, anything, a bit easier than my current Shimano XT skewer, since that requires like 20 half-turns to tighten/loosen to remove the front wheel. It was becoming to be a major annoyance, considering that I have to remove my front wheel to transport my bikes.

(Reba 2011 fork and King ISO hubset.)

Doesn't fit wheel very well