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Does not live up to the hype...

These bibs arrived with great anticipation and expectations, but lived up to neither. The first pair had a pen tip sized hole on the bottom left leg near the zipper. Also, as I very carefully put the medium size (I'm 5'8", 165lbs.) on, I heard a ripping sound. Initially ignoring the sound, I went out for a ride and noticed the leg zippers refused to stay closed; they constantly migrated up. After the ride I inspected the bibs to see if I could find evidence from the ripping sound. Upon inspection, the stitching had begun to come apart at the seams along the waist.
BackCountry sent another pair. I took these out of the bag and didn't even wear them: the leg lengths were slightly different, and the emblems were already flaking off. I had the same problem with the third pair that was sent.
Despite my problems with this product, Backcountry showed exemplary customer service, shipping the replacements and ultimately issuing the credits when the products were returned.
I replaced these with De Marchi winter bibs, and they have been superlative. Not only are they designed in Italy, but made there also. The difference in quality is vast. It's a shame Castelli doesn't seem to have gotten a hold of quality control in the countries where they're having their products made.

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Someone somewhere else has said Castelli is now made in that true?

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To Commuter. "Also, as I very carefully put the medium size (I'm 5'8", 165lbs.)" You may not be willing to face reality ;) but in no real world should a medium (anything) fit someone only 5-8 yet still 165 lbs unless you're pure muscle with no body fat. I wear medium in almost everything and I'm 5-11 158 lbs. Only smalls I wear are sometimes Arcteryx base layers.

Anyway, I agree sometimes the Castelli stuff is lacking quality. Thanks for posting the other brand to consider.

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Hi James,
I should have given more details about my physical size. I'm 5' 8" and 165, with a 40" chest and a 29.5" waist. Given these parameters, the product should fit.