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Some people trash the frogs for being to expensive for the quality. To bad these are some of the nicest shades i've ever owned. YES!!! They are a very light pair of shades. How this means they're cheap is beyond me. I dont need a solid piece of steel on my face to feel like i spent my money well. The fit is perfect. Ever buy some cheap sunglasses that never seem to stay level on your face? Well do not worry as long you have a pretty symmetrical face your frogs will stay level. Also my frogs seem to grip my head just perfectly to stay on while I do my business, whether it's going to the store or passing lacrosse. One more upside these babys are made in amurica so it helps support uhmerican jobs and stuff. (really though its nice that Oakley still makes their stuff in the states)

Overall the Frogskins are a cool stylish pair of shades that are very well made. Just remember they're not indestructible

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Oakley is owned by a italian company called Luxottia. They basically produce and sell all major brands of glasses including Gucci and Prada. ( I also have their stock so your supporting me :) YAY)

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some of the frames are made in China now tho. Not sure if the frogskin frames are, however. Lenses are still made and tested in the US.