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These shorts are extremely comfortable, and I have to say that I love the fact that the chamois isn't too thick. Some of the shorts I have are too padded and that actually causes more pain and numbness, in my opinion. The fabric is incredible, they're not too long. They're very fitted, so I sized up and it was perfect. I love that there's no sausage leg and the rise is high enough that there's no spillage over the top. My only complaint is that there's a few tags sewn into the lower back. Funny how something so small can be so annoying! I really do not understand why Giordana would sew tags into their shorts. Other than that, they look great and feel great.

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You know, I was just out on a rather warm/hot ride yesterday, wearing one of the FR-C custom short sleeved jerseys (totally great) EXCEPT...the stupid tags sewn on the lower side of the jersey kept scratching and bugging me...wish I had had a pair is scissors on board! Will clip off, but funny I was just thinking the same thing. Great jersey, just wicks perspiration away, even while carrying hydratin pack fully loaded. LOVE Giordana...HATE the tags!!!