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Clean like new

This is the best de-greaser I have ever used. Not only does it work phenomenally well, but it has a pleasant odor that doesn't stink up your shop. I've achieved great results by removing the chain from the bike, laying the chain flat inside a 1.5 quart container, and pouring about 3-5 oz of ChainBrite over the top of the chain. I find that a 15-20 minute soak followed by a thorough scrubbing with a nylon brush works best. Alternatively, ParkTool makes a chain scrubbing tool that allows you to clean the chain on the bike. I am sure this works well, but there is nothing quite as effective as soaking and hand scrubbing.

I was able to clean 5 chains with this 16 oz bottle. For the price, it's a great deal considering what your LBS would charge for a chain cleaning. I wasn't able to find that, "handy flip-top lid on the 16 oz. (474ml) bottle..."that the BC product description mentioned. Just a regular screw top lid.

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Ah! I'd wondered about the flip-top (a very good feature that has been recently missing).