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Castelli nailed this short

A long-time roadie (20+ yrs) but recent newcomer (and now loyal customer) to RealCyclist, I am trying to start to leave feedback (I've bought nearly $1k in clothes here and on Bonktown in the past month alone) in hopes it helps others as they have helped me with their reviews. My build: I am 6'2", 190 lbs, skinny legs (thigh 2" above knee is 17", mid thigh is 22.5"), my hips including the widest point around my buttocks and hip bones is 40", my waist is 34-35" (depending on season), and basically a flat stomach. My body fat level is around 14%, thus most of my body weight lies in my upper body muscles, with chest 42-44" (depending if I am lifting or not), my shoulders and arms (biceps 14.5-15 or so relaxed, wear a 16 1/2, 34-35 dress shirt, with skinny 7" diameter wrists). Since we all have probably experienced how manufacturers can make lines of their seemingly identical bib shorts incredibly different with regards to size and fit, this review specifically focuses on this bib short from Castelli (and not any other in their line, which I do own). IMHO, these Ergo Tre shorts are great all rounders, and I bought a Large in them. Legs silicone grippers (I shave) are snug, shorts all over are snug, and the chamois stays put whether in drops or riding with no hands & eating. The shorts material is smooth, compresses moderately (it is not low compression, and neither is it high). One negative aspect of these shorts is that not all the seems are flat-locked, which is perplexing coming from Castelli. Still, the ones that aren't flatlocked, are still so soft and docile that I do not feel them at all on a ride. Overall, the bibs ride well and wear well. The chamois is not thick nor is it super thin; I can only say it simply feels good on sub 100 mile rides---but understand it is not the stuff you see in higher-end shorts. But that said, on 40-70 low mileage recovery rides, these shorts perform very well. Last tibdit: if this sort of thing is important to you, the color is outstanding, matching many of my Capo, Castelli (and other) Italian jerseys that have the either the blue in them, or (as one reviewer mentioned) you have dark jerseys that would set off beautifully against the Italian blue. At the current price these are being offered, these shorts are a steal. I've already nabbed more and put them away for the future.