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Castelli Nano Shoe Cover

I just got these yesterday, and finally can say I have found the perfect shoe cover! They are long enough to go a fair way up the ankle, and tight enough that water definitely wont trickle down the leg into the shoe; defeating the purpose of the shoe cover in the first place (in my opinion). These are tight, aero, and warm enough to ride in 9*C with wet roads. I got home and my shoe covers were dirty and wet on the outside, so I know that my nice new white shoes would have worn all that if it wasn't for the Nano Shoe Covers. Also, after returning home, seeing as the shoe covers were pretty dirty, I wiped them down with a towel, and since the material is very shiny, they look brand new again. I would highly recommend these to anyone who rides in the rain, wants to look after their shoes, and keep warm and dry. My shoes and socks were completely dry after the ride, and my clothes were all damp.
I wear size 44 Shimano shoes, and I got the XL Shoe Covers.