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Gear Review

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Best portable pump ever - seriously.

I am beyond impressed with this pump. The quality of craftmanship is the best I've ever seen in a pump. It is easy to pump with - the handle does not dig into your hands (though admittedly I haven't pumped without wearing gloves). It is efficient at getting air into my tire, and I think this is mostly due to the larger size and fitting being so secure that you don't need to be gentle with the pump (ABS/Flex Hose = AWESOME and every pump should have it). There is just never any undesirable leakage. It's easy to get a ballpark idea of how much pressure you've put in by watching the integrated gauge, though it doesn't agree with my digital gauge that I actually use for setting air pressures, so I only use it as a guide. It's super-easy to switch between a secure Presta and a secure Schrader connection. With the little foot stand it's also easy to pump hard and fast and not waste energy holding both ends of the pump.
I have no doubt that this pump will last me for years to come as I do not see any desire to switch from this since it's really light, relatively small, maximally efficient, easy to use... really, all the qualities that you would want a pump to have. If it's too big for you, you are probably already using CO2. This is my second Lezyne (I have an HP for my road bike that can get my tires over 100 PSI with ease), and this HV version for my MTB works wonders. Stop "trying out" other pumps. Just stop it.