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Best Winter Gloves IMO

After doing extensive research for the perfect winter glove to wear in 40 - 55 degree temps, I decided on the Capo Piemonte Wind Glove. Let me first say that one of my go-to brands for cycling apparrel that fit me well is Capo - I'm 6'3" and 195 lbs so I can expect XL tops and XXL bottoms from Capo to fit me spot on. From the bottom of the palm of my hand to the top of my middle finger is 7 and 3/4" in length and the XL gloves fit me perfectly. The gloves are very light in weight, but not in warmth, and are very high in construction quality. I find the wind and water resistance most appealing to my needs and the longer cuff with velcro strap allows the glove to be high enough up your wrist to no let cold air in. There's also adequate padding and material to wipe your nose. For the sale price and and free shipping that is very fast (2 days after order placed) - this is a deal not to be missed if you are looking for some great gloves for winter riding.