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Best Bibs I've Owned Yet

If you are just looking for one more person to say; “Yeah dude, get em.” Then read no more! Gore has made a durable and premium bib tight for those of us who MTB the trails thru the winter months, and to do so in comfort and style.

Durability – At first I was cautious about the material; it looks and feels like it may tear easily. My first day with these bad boys on, unbeknownst to me, I would put them thru a pretty hard day of biking, I was relieved and can say w/ a testament they held together well. Somehow I smacked my knee on a rock and I could see blood coming thru the material itself, but absolutely no tears of any kind to the material, impressive. Sometimes I like to off road OFF ROAD and hit thru weeds, stickers, thorns n sticks, doing so in these tights proved that although they really didn’t reflect stickers and thrones, you can be sure they are well constructed and the material was not affected or damaged.

Comfort- I know some of the “cool mountain” bikers snub at the idea of wearing bib tights, or better yet they do the “shorts over” , which looks whack and to me deters the whole concept and design of cycling tights. Anyhow these bibs are; comfortable, form fitting and the material is super stretchy, which is a big plus because it makes the bibs feel soft and comfortable. And with MTBing at times you have to be on and off the bike, which sucks if the garment you are wearing is super constricting. These bibs provide warmth and perspiration efficiency in a good range of temps and weather, how’s this? I felt just as comfortable biking these in 43 degree weather as I did in 25 degree weather, w/o having to layer underneath. I am 5 9 and about 145, I chose a MED and they fit well. Foot straps was something I had always been hesitant of. But after rocking a few bibs with foot straps, compared to those w/o, have proved to be extremely useful and enhance comfort. I hate having tights ride up or bag out at the knees, the straps keep them in place.

Style/look, I don’t mind rocking tights while cycling, but sometimes the way companies design their products can certainly make consumers think twice before a purchase. These bibs look good and I like the nice touch of red accents. The pad is nice and actually conforms to your man and groin area comfortably so the diaper look is less noticeable! The paneled material, although designed for performance and comfort Im certain, it helps take the old solid panel look away and gives the bibs a nice technical look. SO that way if you cant ride worth spit, at least you can look like you do!

Customer Service -I had ordered a different pair of Gore bibs and RC sent the wrong ones, which were the Alp X 2.0’s, and the ones I ordered cost less. In their mistake they told me to keep these if I’d like, and not have to pay the difference. Thanks Real Cyclists CS!

Out of my De Marchi, Pearl Izumi, Craft, and tight experience, these are by far my most favorite and most comfortable! Give your winter time MTB experience a new feel! I would purchase a similar bib in the future!!!

Best Bibs I've Owned Yet