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These are awesome. I'm almost tempted to say they are worth the steep price. 1 star deduction for the price tag. The fit is athletic and slim. They are very comfortable to pedal in, with no chafing of the knee. They really take the cold out of the air but don't cause you to sweat. I got caught in a decent rain the other day and was pleased to see all the water was beading. I had no fenders and when I got to work, my underwear was still dry.
Nice vent zips in the front and a pocket that is high enough for keys and they don't inhibit riding.
They will be my go to commute pants for 8 months in Seattle.

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I'm in Vancouver BC so similar climate and will also be using these to commute in. But I find they are very warm, even with the vents open anything over about 12C is getting pretty uncomfortable.

I do run hot, however, and sweat more than the average so that might not give me the same usage range as others.