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Antidote bladder no quick connect

Returned it because the quick connect on the bladder was missing. Got a new one... same thing. The rep said they were all this way. Other than that this pack is awesome.

I wish the Rogue came with a complete Antidote bladder. I hated to send it back. Got a cloud walker instead. I hope it feels as good on the back

BTW. this thing holds a lot more than i thought it would.

Antidote bladder no quick connect
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I actually prefer the bladders without the quick disconnect. In all of my years of using a variety of Camelbak bladders, every leak I have ever had has been attributable to the quick disconnect. Admittedly, some of those have been my own fault for not ensuring it was securely clicked in, but even in those instances, it seemed to be. In others, they were definitely clicked in, but it failed. I know the quick connect is convenient, but I prefer the confidence and security of this setup.