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Another Hit

I absolutely love this jersey. It's not very stretchy, but there is a light brushing of something fleecey inside which will keep this close to your body and warm. They say this will work for temps from 59 to 68, but if I wore this jersey in those temps I would fry. Ok, maybe 62 if its cloudy. It's a little short in front when standing, but that's not what it's for is it? Castelli seems to know women's bodies and this jersey is no exception. It fits like a glove and moves with you even though it lacks the stretch of a summer jersey. But, the best part of this jersey is the style. The sheen, the color, the logo placements - you've just got to love the creativity and thought that went into the design. I appreciate the pockets, the high collar, and the full zip. Thanks, Castelli.