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Gear Review

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Almost as good as the Xen

  • Gender: Female
  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

I believe the Xar replaced the Xen in Giro's helmet line...? I had 2 Xens that were perfect for me, size medium. The last one cracked after a fall straight to the head so I had to replace it and went with the Xar thinking it was pretty much the same.

It seems to be comparable everywhere except the visor. The fit is great, the straps work the same, and the adjustable fit works slightly different, but just as simple and fits great. The visor is the big disappointment for me. I often ride at, or near, sunset and very much appreciated the visor on the Xen to keep the blinding sun out of my eyes. Sadly, the Xar visor doesn't do much. I have to stare down at my front wheel now to keep the sun out of my eyes. It seemed especially treacherous riding a new trail at sunset where I was not familiar with the terrain and not able to see where I was going. Wishing I had the old Xen visor.

On a good note, I do send out MANY BIG THANK YOUS to Giro for saving my brain while wearing the Xen helmet. After an over-the-bars straight-to-my-head kind of fall, I ended up with some very serious whiplash in my neck (confirmed via x-ray) and the most excruciating muscle spasms I have ever had the misfortune to experience (instant-tears when they happened), BUT, not one bit of brain trauma, zero signs of concussion, and just a small bruise/sore spot on the top of my head. The foam cracked all the way through in two spots, partially in another, and was just held together by the shell. Saved my dome for sure!