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Gear Review

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All show and NO go!

I purchased this product as a mid wt dry use shoe cover. This product looks great and has a great design feature allowing shoe adjustment, but from a construction point of view it is a complete failure. To begin with the zipper length is too short compared to other shoe covers I use including Giordona, Raphe, and L Garneau. Secondly, the zipper broke on the second use. The problem is that the mechanism to stop the zipper at the bottom is inadequate. Basically the zipper separates at the bottom when stretching it over the heal of the shoe. I have repaired this by stitching the bottom portion of the zipper closed, but this was still unsuccessful. Also, the rubberized fabric used on the toe and heal of the cover is quite thin and has started to tear from the ankle tension device on my Sidi road shoes after only minimal use. I really question if the people at Mavic even did any research on this product before putting it on the market. I cannot recommend this product to anyone who plans on actually using a shoe cover.