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Gear Review

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A real step up

Garmin made huge improvements over earlier models (I used to run the 305). The Edge 500 has a much nicer design, especially the twist mount. Aesthetically, it looks great on the bike. Functionality is enhanced by placing the buttons opposite of each other. This allows easier on-the-bike menu selections by balancing your hand movements against themselves. I haven't had any trouble with the software, so perhaps I got an updated version from the one-star review on this page. The Edge 500 locks onto satellites much quicker...under 15 seconds is normal for me, and the backlight is white instead of sickly green. Customizable screens are another nice touch, and you can have the unit scroll automatically between screens if you can't jam all the desired data onto one screen. And there are many choices for what data to show. Cost is a little breath-taking, but I feel better now with about 15 months of daily use. It's still going strong, holds a charge, etc. I love that this thing just works, every time, no drama or fiddling around. It interfaces seamlessly with Strava (probably more a compliment to Strava than Garmin, but still....). I have no problem recommending the Edge 500