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A must if you haul DH bikes.

I use the additional two bike attachment for hauling 4 bikes which is only available with the 2"receiver model. If you have the 1 1/4" you are stuck with two bikes. The 4 bike rack sticks way the hell behind the vehicle and I am waiting for some cop to pull me over saying there needs to be a brake light on the end. They are burly racks, but not as burly as the original sportworks racks that Thule purchased manufacturing designs and rights from. My sportworks rack was hit by a Canadian driving too fast in the snow and his Jeep Liberty was raped by my rack. The rack ripped down the length of his vehicle and punched a hole in his rear quarter panel. The replacement Thule rack was backed into by a neighbor and it tore up the tailgate of his truck. So I am on rack number 3 and it is just waiting its turn to rape a vehicle of its own.

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Hilariousness. I've been tempted to install the 2 bike add-on to mine as well, but then I'd have to let more people into my rig on the drive to the trailhead... Dunno if I can do that.