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Gear Review

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A hit and a miss

After a painful warranty period, I now like these brakes. :-) While they were not working and I was trying to get them warrantied, I really didn't like them.
The brakes came preinstalled, but since you have to disconnect the lever to install, I suspect that some air was introduced. So I had to bleed them early in the process. managed to drop ( and lose) the bleed screw, and that was a proprietary screw that I had to source from a bike store in Korea as it's not available from US distributors at all. Then contaminated the pads, but managed to get them working again and then the rear piston was leaking fluid, so can imagine all sorts of fun that caused.The replacement came with a hose that was about nine feet too long, so had to cut and install the barbed fitting and new compression olive. That barbed fitting doesn't like to go in the hose.
Had to purchase a bleed kit, because you can't do much with a special bleed kit.
Here's what I like.
Shimano has the best lever feel. Truly one finger braking, even in crazy downhill sections.
Good stopping power.
Goofy finned pads seem to work.
What I don't like;
Shimano mineral oil (really? it's how expensive?)
Barb and compression fitting set up.
The fact that the first pair leaked oil.

I wouldn't have bought these if they didn't come on the bike. Not convinced that I'd buy them again. I've had a better bleeding/maintenance with other brands (Magura and Hope). But now that I've got them working, I'll keep them for a while.