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Gear Review

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A happy partnership

This helmet and I did not have the love-at-first-sight relationship I have experienced with other helmets. I first ordered a size small, which I have worn in every other helmet I have owned, and I couldn't even get it on my head with the retainer opened all the way up; it was like a child's helmet. I moved up to a size medium, and I still wasn't altogether sure I would hang onto it; it fits larger than other helmets I have worn and definitely for a rounder noggin. I also found that it hit farther up on my head than my old helmet, like the helmet bowl itself was shallower. I decided dorkiness be damned and I would give it a shot anyway, and I'm glad I did. Things I love:
- The interior padding is the most comfortable of any helmet I've ever worn
- The retainer system and tightening dial are superbly designed, very secure and easy to adjust one-handed
- It looks equally at home with or without the visor
- The straps have D-rings to help the material pivot, so they fit flat against my face instead of twisting and bunching up

Things I could live without:
- It's a little on the heavy side for this price point of helmet, but not uncomfortably so
- The visor has a couple holes for ventilation, and the sun hits me in the eyes sometimes
- The strap has a tendency to loosen itself from time to time
- I feel like my noggin is in-between sizes; I think I would be happier with the fit if my head were a little bigger

Overall, a nice looking, very safe and secure feeling, solid high-end helmet for road or mountain. I would recommend to my cycling friends.