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Gear Review

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10 years and still going strong!

I have been using the same XT 9-speed chain on my hardtail since 1999. Yes, that aint a typo, over 10 years. I was prompted to do this review because after a once a year cleaning the chain still looks and performs like new.

If you think that is hard to believe consider this.
1. Perfect Shifts: The XT 9-speed group still shifts better than anything else I have used including SRAM 10-speed.
2. Long Lasting: The materials must be very high quality. My chain has been used for thousands of miles of riding and has stretched less than my 10-speed chain did in 10 months.
3.Durable: I haven't babied this chain at all. When I drop a chain I don't get off and fix it I unjam it and regear it while riding. I thought it should of snapped a couple time by never did.
4: Finish: I don't take care of my hardtail. I rarely lube the chain, let grim and mud build up and then power wash it off. For the first time in years I did a full drivetrain clean up and the sucker looks new. No rust just nice nickel plate.