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will this also work as a 9 speed road bike...

will this also work as a 9 speed road bike chain? Is there a difference?

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Yep, this will work just fine on a road bike 9-speed cassette. Honestly though, SRAM's chains rock. Backcountry only carries the 10-speed chains, but if you go to your local bike shop they should be able to set you up.Why SRAM chains you ask? One word: PowerLink.

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Yes the same chain is sold for XT and Ultegra 9spd Drivetrains

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PowerLinks work perfect on Shimano Chains. Just make sure you install the correct width PL (9 or 10 speed as appropriate).

At 700 miles on my XT chain, I had moved all my components to another frame. After breaking the XT link and reinstalling the chain on my new frame, I made the chain whole again with a PowerLink. I have put on another 600 miles since and the shifting is still Shimano Perfect!

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