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Gear Question

which one are better,oakleys or smith's?...

which one are better,oakleys or smith's? in trems of quality and durable,i'm trying to make an investment on sunglasses around 150 dollars? thanks!

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Well, Smith has a lifetime warranty and Oakley's is only for a year.

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I have always been really impressed with Oakley's quality, however Andrew does make a good point.

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I had a chance recently to visit Oakley's factory in California, and what I witnessed there leads me to state without question that I will only buy Oakleys the rest of my life. The impact protection and lens quality specification that they go to is astounding. There is a reason the American military uses Oakley. Oakley all the way. Yes I'm a fanboy, but rightfully so.

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I can only attest to Smith Sliders, they have been the best pair of cycling glasses.

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I would go with Oakley. I've owned glasses from both companies, and frame quality will largely depend on specific model, but is comparable. Oakley optical quality, however, is unmatched.