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where are they made, and the quality of...

where are they made, and the quality of the material.

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In the P.I. line up, the 'Elite' is their second from the top, and 'Pro' is their top-of-the-line product. These will be fine for casual riding.

As far as where they are made (most are made in China, except the Itailian bike wear like Giordana, Castelli, Capo, etc.; and Assos, which is "engineered" in Switzerland, but also made elsewhere: my Assos jersey is made in Slovenia, Europe & the Assos shorts I have are made in Bulgaria, Europe; I also have Giordana...if you can, I would recommend these brands, they are the best your money can buy); so contact P.I. for the exact details on where the item you're interested in is actually made. You can also go on their website to get more info about the product(s) you're interested in, ie. material, etc.
Hope this helps.