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what's the word on these? i'm not looking...

what's the word on these? i'm not looking for a cold weather glove but i am looking for a decent cheap glove that i can stash and bring out if need be that can pack real small. Will these do the trick or are they just glorified cheap knit gloves that fall apart after 20 minutes?

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If I were you I would get them. I didn't even notice them when I stashed them in my pocket. I had them on while it was early morning cool and then took them off and didn't think about them again. As a heads up they come as a free gift with some of the castelli jerseys

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These gloves rule. i have about 5 pair. I have worn them in 40-42F, rainy weather and my hands were fine.

In dry cold temps, i have worn them down to 38F.