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whats better the 700x32 or the 700x34 whats...

whats better the 700x32 or the 700x34 whats the difference what do u recommend..

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This measurement is the width of the tire (incase you didn't know). And while there's not THAT much difference between 32 and 34mm, the choice can make a noticeable difference in how your bike feels.
The wider 34s can take slightly lower pressure maybe giving them a little more cushion over rough terrain. They may have a little more traction in stopping and climbing steep hills. But the 34's will not necessarily have better cornering traction. Wider tires can "walk" or roll when they are on narrow rims. Plus the cornering traction of a tire like this is mainly dependent on its side knobs.

If you have wider beefy cyclocross-specific wheels/rims go ahead and get the 34's.
Or if you expect ride in very dry conditions the wider 34's might be better (wider tires seem to do better in dusty, sandy, dry terrain).
Otherwise the 32's are lighter and will probably feel more stable more often in the corners.

If you are racing Cyclocross technically 34mm is wider than regulations allow.... but no one cares and many people run them anyway :-D