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what lens do I need for late afternoon...

what lens do I need for late afternoon bike riding, after the sun has set but before dark == the clear or the yellow?

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The yellow would be a nice choice. It brightens things up and offers more depth and contrast to the shadows and darker areas. It even does pretty good in when it is completely dark outside.

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Also, the photochromatic/transitions lenses. They offer both the black/clear, and a like brownish/clear that is supposed to be even better.
Check them out on the Oakley site, where you can get a simulated view of all the different lens options..."optical superiority" tab, in different out door environments.
Another thought: consider vented lenses, since this is the time of day, early morning/evening that humidity and temp. changes, along with your body heat, causing lenses to fog up. Oakley sells a cleaner that helps with this a bit, too: "nano-clear hydrophobic pen/lens cleaner"(hate typing all that!), I have this, it helps repell rain off lenses.
Hope this helps for your future purchase!