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recently purhcased half jacket with xlj...

recently purhcased half jacket with xlj gold irrodium polarized lenses.....need for golf.....what lense would you recommend? G30, G30 irrodium, Persimmon or HI Persmmon. Thanks....I play about 3 times per week reqardless of sunlight.

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Black Irrodium even though its not in your selection but they will show you shadows on the green and dont distort colors

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The black IRIDIUM/polarized lens would be best for very sunny days (I have these, and they are excellent); but for slightly overcast days, you'll want a lighter tint...maybe a gray iridium/polarized. For even a bit more cloudy days/or in and out of wooded areas, try a photochromatic lens.
Next time you are going to get a new pair of shades, check all the lens options on's amazing how many there are to choose from! You can even get a simulated view through each type of lens, and various out door environments.