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does this jacket have "pit zips" ?

does this jacket have "pit zips" ?

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From browsing the pictures from Showers Pass's website, it doesn't appear so.


From browsing the pictures from Showers Pass's website, it doesn't appear so.  <br/>  <br/> http://www.showerspass.com/catalog/men/mens-jackets/double-century-ex
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Yes, it has pit zips.

I have a prior year's version of the SHOWERS PASS DOUBLE CENTURY EX JACKET (the coating on the inside was white). It has pit zips. They were a little difficult to operate while riding, though, and after about a month of daily use(on tour) one of the pit zips jammed on me. I had a seamstress look at it, and she couldn't figure out how to unjam the zipper, so I exchanged the jacket for a new one.

I tried on the current version(the coating on the inside has a dark geometric pattern), and the pit zips have been moved forward to the sides of the chest where they are easier to operate. I don't know if they vent your pits as well though. Also, I could ride in the rain with the pit zips open a little and not get wet, but with the vents on the sides of the chest, it may be easier for rain to get in.

The DOUBLE CENTURY EX never retailed for $175. Mine cost $150. The new RTX version of the Double Century retails for $175, so Backcountry/CompetitiveCyclist is showing the wrong retail price for this jacket.

I should add that I found this jacket EXCELLENT for touring. I used it as a windbreaker for chilly mornings/evenings, as well as for riding in the rain. I also frequently rode at night, and my setup was two red PlanetBike flashers on my rear panniers, a rear fender mounted red light powered by my Schmidt Dynamo front hub, my Goldenrod Showers Pass Double Century jacket, handlebar mounted PlanetBike white flasher, and Lumontec Cyo headlight mounted on my front rack, also powered by my front hub. I looked like a flying saucer going down the road!

Recently, I tried on the Double Century EX, the Elite Pro, and the Elite 2.1 jackets side by side in size XL. The Double Century EX has the longest sleeves. The Double Century EX and the Elite 2.1 are clearly meant for commuting/touring based on their loose fit. The Double Century EX *can* fit in a jersey pocket, but it packs down rather large. The Elite 2.1 is too bulky to pack down into a jersey pocket, while the Elite Pro is made from a very light weight material, and it is not as loose fitting as the others, so it will pack down to fit in a jersey pocket. The difference between the Elite Pro and the Elite 2.1 is so marked, I don't know why Showers Pass used the name Elite 2.1--they are totally different jackets.

Long term, my Double Century EX has not fared well. The white coating starting peeling off the inside. I tried patching it with Seam Sealer but the Seam Sealer stuck to other parts of the jacket and ripped off new areas of the white inner coating. Also, the seam tape came unglued and started peeling off in many areas. As a result, I only got about 2 years of use out of my jacket. The second year, I mostly had it stuffed in my mountain bike pack while MTB'ing in the desert. Maybe the hot weather had an adverse affect on the coating? In any case, the pit zips no longer work, the seam tape has peeled off, the seams on the cuffs have failed, and there are many 'holes' where the inner coating has peeled off.