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could someone please comment and/or attach...

could someone please comment and/or attach photos of the interiors? there are two zippered compartments, no? within these, are there paneled pockets for sorting and holding smaller items?

i'm looking for an all-purpose bag, i don't have much to bring with me. stuff for my 1-year-old daughter, few items. both for city and for hiking. most importantly, i like to have some organization with where and how my belongings are kept within the bag. mesh outer pockets are a huge plus.

i'm torn between this and osprey's daylite attachment. thoughts?

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There are a lot of zippers on this pack. Skipping the hydration sleeve zipper, the topmost one is a small, zippered pocket for a camera or other small object...mp3 player maybe. Then, the main pocket has the most volume and has sleeves sewn into it for organization. I use them to hold a shock pump and a mini pump. Two are about 6" deep or so and 2-3" wide and there's a stretch mesh pocket in the center. There's another zippered pocket that has two mesh pockets sewn in and a key clip.. Then, there's the stretchy kangaroo pouch on the outside that can accommodate all sorts of goods. I use that for extra layers. The stretch side pockets aren't useful for much.

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thanks dave. very good to know. i figured if this is a common bag for bikers, then it would certainly accommodate the many accessories necessary.

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I use the side pockets (day hiking) for sunscreen, bear spray, and/or bug spray. that's about the size of them.

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I just posted some large pictures of the pockets. Hope it helps.