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are these pants waterproof or water resistant...

are these pants waterproof or water resistant ?

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WINDSTOPPER® garments are considered highly water resistant as they are not seam sealed like GORE-TEX® garments. However, water can not penetrate the fabric so you would need to be in a prolonged period of rain before it might seep through at the zippers or seams Dave - GORE BIKE WEAR™

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For real water-proof pants, go with Gore's ALP-X 2.0 GT pants, I have these and love them (and again, get a pants leg protector, since the bottoms of these pants are very baggy and can easily get caught up in the chain). Same goes for the jackets...ALP-X 2.0 GT...all the rest are simply H20 resistant; and why take chances if you're out for a long haul. Either stash easily in a hydration pack (I keep my jacket always rolled up in my pack, weather too changeable around here lately... "just in case"!
Note on the Pants, these are just a shell, you'll want to wear something underneath for comfort, and in winter, for warmth.

Hope this Helps.