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Write your question here...i had a shoulder...

Write your question here...i had a shoulder replacement the rothman institute of philadelphia .What kind of protection does this armor provide my new shoulder

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This upper body protection is mostly designed for abrasion and impact, as with most mountain bike specific body armor. Not much claim to bracing that I've ever heard.

With that said, the shoulder pads connect via strap to the chest and super wide back plastic and offers itself to a limited range of a good way.

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I agree completely with KC Gaudet. A few of the guys I ride with have this armor. It has protected us from many things, although, it definitely doesnt help when you slam into a tree going full speed, at least for support with bones and all. Since he shattered his collar bone and broke a couple ribs. But as far as scraping goes, he was fine, I think it would have been a little bit worse without it though.