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Gear Question

Write your question here...Is this thing...

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Write your question here...Is this thing bright enough to use to see the road ahead? Or is it really just a blinker to keep you visible to cars etc?

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I typically break lights into the "to see" and the "to be seen" categories and this one would certainly fall in the "to be seen" bucket.

That said, this is a welcome handlebar accessory for leisurely bike path navigation in the pitch black of night. In my experience it lights enough to accommodate speeds around 12mph, any faster and I get scared and wish for a brighter light.

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I had this for my daughter's bike and it is not bright enough to see ahead. Good to be seen and maybe very short visibility. I would not recommend in dark places without any street lamp. We had to use a bigger light for us so she can obstacles and road in front of her.