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Write your question here...I am looking...

Write your question here...I am looking to get lense replacements for my son who is a baseball player. Which color is the best?

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The black iridium is great for sunny days. Those should be great.

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But, if it's only partly sunny, you may want to consider the polarized grey iridium; slightly less dark.
Also, may want to consider a photochromatic lens for even more 'ify' skies, this way he'll still have protection from the sun regardless, and they won't be too dark if the skies get cloudy, but will tint when it brightens up!

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I use the XLJ VR 28 polarized lenses without iridium for playing softball and motorcycling. I love the high contrast lens that also reduces glare because they're polarized. I try not to get lenses that have an iridium coating because this scratches fairly easily, but, I have to admit, the glasses look cooler with it.
Black/grey lenses tend to be better for high sunlight conditions, and brown/rose tones tend to be better for all-around purpose. Polarized lenses are great for driving, around water, and in bright sunlight conditions, but some folks don't like how they remove glare. For me, that's entirely why I always buy polarized - less strain on my eyes!