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Would this spine protector serve somewhat...

Would this spine protector serve somewhat as a back support to alleviate my back pain due to disc herniation ?
Does it somehow interfere with hip mobility while skiing ?

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I've used other back protectors/supports before and after an 85% discectomy/laminectomy on L5-S1 about 15 years ago. I'm going to tell you to talk to your Dr before you go this route. On one hand, even though it initially takes some getting used to, you do get some relief and they do tend to move as naturally as 5 segments can when covering 24 independent vertabrae. On the other hand, like any kind of brace or wrap, just like throwing down a bunch of Vicodin, you tend to find yourself overdoing it and not knowing until the drugs wear off, or you decompress your spine...after the damage is done. These are a safety device, not a medical device. I don't know what your particular situation is, but as odd as it may seem, I always found an incredible amount of relief from excruciating pain while skiing (although it ended my aerial career) and on my inversion table ( best $300 I've ever spent)...right up until I had surgery and it made the quality of my life tolerable again. Be careful, and again, talk to your Dr or a specialist about this or anything that might be just a stop-gap on your way to making matters worse. Hope this helps and that you find the relief you deserve.