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Would this jacket be suggested for road...

Would this jacket be suggested for road biking and casual wear?

Is this jacket just a shell or is it somewhat insulated?


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This is a shell. Polyester lining, wind proof and rain proof.

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The 'cut', or overall shape of this (and most other bike-wear) is specifically designed for the riding position on the bike, and might look a little 'off' when off the bike (if that makes sense). They usually have a longer 'tail' so to speak that helps cover rider and protect from the elements etc.; and just doesn't look quit right as street wear (of course, that's a personal choice at the end of the day).

And this is just a shell, as already mentioned. Gore runs a bit on the small side...I recommend order up, and you will have enough room for a Gore Windstopper baselayer for colder rides (they are awesome!) underneath. But for really cold rides, you might want to step up your base layer or even use this jacket as added protection over a warmer winter bike jacket.

*NOTE: This jacket is only "water resistant", NOT water-proof. Get the Gore ALP-X 2.0 for a truly rain-proof jacket. My experience with the women's ALP-X 2.0 (the newer '2013' line is that it IS waterproof (don't over do the washing, or the protective 'coating' will eventually wear off. You can re-waterproof if necessary. Hope this may still help for future purchases!