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Winter is coming to upstate New York! ...

Winter is coming to upstate New York! So, some heavier attire is needed. How are these 2XU Compression Tight for the cold? And how do they run in size? True to size? Small for size? Etc.???

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Hi Jim

I realize this posting is a little late relative to when you asked it, but since you are interested, I feel I should point out that these tights are not what you are looking for as cold weather riding gear...

True, you CAN ride in them, and in fact they are made to increase performance as well as recovery, but these are not designed to be warm clothes.

I myself am from Connecticut and so understand fully the need for appropriate attire. I would recommend something along these lines:

Hope this helps, and don't forget to use your compression tights for recovery!


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These are not for cold- they are not for hot weather but I'd prefer them in hot weather as the fabric breaths well and stays cool. Also these are better for recovery than riding. For riding in Denver winters I like a pair of cold weather tights I got at Performance with built in chamois.