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Will the crank brothers cleat fit on a...

Will the crank brothers cleat fit on a road shoe also?

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The cleats provided fit only shoes that have 2-hole SPD cleats.
Most road shoes have a 3-hole Look style cleat, but some support both 2 and 3 hole cleats.

That being said Crank Brothers sell a cleat for road shoes, I have used it and it works good, but if you plan on using your bike for road use with road use you are probably best off with a different pedal.

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I put these pedals on my road bike and they work great. I got the conversion cleats from Crank bros. I like that I can wear either my Mt bike shoe or road shoe for the same bike without having to mess with changing the cleat

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I have Egg Beaters on my commuter bike. The small cleat is recessed below the lugs on MTB style shoes so they are easy to walk in. The pedals are really durable and require little maintenance. Highly recommend!