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Will the Sidewinder mount to my 2005...

Will the Sidewinder mount to my 2005 Suburban w/factory crossbars IF I use the Yakima Multi Mounts or is it necessary to go with a round or square bar instead?

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I checked Yakima's fit guide to see if this will fit your Suburban and it showed that these will not fit your vehicle. The result that should fit are the Yakima Frontloader, Raptor Aero and Forklift. The links are listed below:

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Thanks for your response. The reason I was asking about the Multi Mounts is that I noticed the Multi Mounts (from the water sports section) can be used to adapt the front wheel mounts (according to another discussion). The front wheel mounts only work on the round or square bars according to the Yakima fitment guide (but can be put on the multi mounts for factory bars like mine). I was hoping someone may have experience with the multi mounts and the Sidewinder.