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Will be first-time 'bike-shoe' purchase...

Will be first-time 'bike-shoe' purchase...What's the next thing(s) I need now...I know nothing about this and am trying to step up my level of riding. Also, should I order 1/2 size up on these?
Any help very much appreciated! Thanks!

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These shoes, as you may well know, allow you to use "clipless" bike pedals. These pedals will come with a cleat that installs on the bottom of the shoe that will engage into the pedal kinda like ski bindings. They twist to unlock and will automatically let go in a crash. Practice building the muscle memory of unclipping!

You can chose almost any clipless mountain bike pedal and the two-bolt cleats should be compatible with these shoes.
There are lots of options, but Shimano SPD and Crank Brothers Egg Beaters are probably the most common (which is a good thing because cleats wear out and not being able to find replacements is a if you and your buddy have the same type of pedal its nice to be able to swap bikes without swapping pedals).

I generally would not size Sidi shoes up unless its because of width. Sidi runs what I call "European" they are maybe a little tight and narrow. But that's a good thing for a mtn bike shoe.

Best of luck ;-)