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Why are these cogs meant to fit 8 or 9...

Why are these cogs meant to fit 8 or 9 speed chains, aren't these cogs usually used for SS? Will they work with a single speed chain?

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1/2x1/8" chains vs. 1/2x3/32" chains. 1/2x1/8" chains suck. Run whatever you want, but bigger isn't better here. Yeah, they're wider, but according to manufacturer-supplied data, they're not stronger and they are definitely not of better quality. Multi-speed drivetrains is where the bucks are at, and chains that work on such drivetrains are where the manufacturers of chains showcase their innovations and developments in quality. The rollers are better, the plates are better, the pins are stronger, and the construction method (riveting procedure) is better on all multi-speed 3/32" chains. I guess if you grind your chainring and chain down the handrail every night at the local pub, a bigger 1/2x1/8 " chain will last longer, but most of us don't and it won't. If you have an old Singleator: Dammit, don't use a 1/2x1/8" chain!!! Otherwise, you'll tear the Singleator off the bike, among other things, guaranteed. This is no longer the case with our redesigned Singleator. The old version used a loop over the jockey wheel to help keep the chain in place. This loop would catch 1/8" chains, which are fatter than 3/32". The current Singleator uses guide plates on each side of the jockey wheel to achieve the same purpose, but depending on the orientation of the wheels, it can run 3/32" or 1/8" chains. We still prefer narrow chains, but if you absolutely must use an 1/8", the new design will work for you.