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Which lens color is best for low light...

Which lens color is best for low light conditions? I have the bronze mirror lens only and although I love the glasses overall, the bronze mirror is too dark for very shady or late-afternoon/evening rides. Thanks!

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Well, the clear lens is going to let the most light through. So that's the way to go for low light conditions.

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Yellow also works really well in low-level light environments and offers better protection from UV than clear lenses.

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I agree with Lexi, I usually don't like clear lenses for low light conditions especially sking. I usually will pick a yellow or light green lens, which seems to improve contrast slightly.

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Oakley offers a type of persimmon photochromatic lens that would probable be the ultimate best of both worlds. Offering higher contrast when needed, and clear when not needed. You can "see" these in a simulated view of all the different lens options, and also, in simulated environments. Check them out next time!

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Smith's yellow mirror lens (17% vlt) is not going to be a good bet for low light. It is much more similar to your bronze mirror lens (15% vlt) than what you might expect if coming from an Oakley yellow lens. I'd recommend the Ignitor (32% vlt) if you're not just looking for (or in addition to) a clear lens. That's the lens I use 90% of the time for commuting and mountain biking. I came from Oakley glasses and it was a bit of an adjustment from their yellow and persimmon (basically orange) lenses, but I wouldn't go back now. I love the Ignitor lenses.