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What wheels would you recommend for a...

What wheels would you recommend for a strong cyclist (just a little out of practise at the moment due to work commitments) Currently living in Austria so riding hills and cobbles (home Perth Australia). Bought a nice top of the range Pinarello but wheels keep popping spokes.
Likes the Mavic series!

What would you recommend for 100kg guy - price no object if the wheels are top quality.

Will return to Perth at end year so back into racing then - would like light and fast

Could you give me some clues Please

BR Julia

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In my opinion a person that is 100kg(220kg) that has problems with spokes yet wants a fast wheels you need to look into a hand built custom wheelset with no less than 28 spokes in the rear and 24 spokes in the front. You are not going to find this with a mass production wheel because they are not designed for you.

I would recommend Enve Composites 45 series clinchers with 28 spokes in the rear, 20 in front. Google the words 'custom wheel builder enve' to find out who can build it for you.