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What is the difference between the POC...

What is the difference between the POC Spine Ergo BUG Armor and the POC Spine Ergo Armor?

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Matt -

After conducting a little bit of research, I found that the difference between the two spine protectors is the type of foam molding used to prevent impact. EPP is a multiple-impact, high density foam that feels rubbery to the touch, is lightweight and used in the Spine Ergo Armor. EVA is another high density foam with similar properties, but its striking difference is in its environmentally friendly production process. Since a purchase of the POC BUG series products provides a 1% donation to the IPA, Instituto Permacultura da Amazonia, this makes for an eco-friendly choice.

I have used both spine protectors, and they both function equally as well. The EPP warms up with the body temperature to fit comfortably in a variety of different body positions, even when it's cold on the slopes. The EVA molding tends to be a little stiffer, but as far as impact absorbtion/distribution, it performs right on par.

Hope this helps!