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What is the difference between the Dominator...

What is the difference between the Dominator and the Genius 5 shoes? I am suprised the carbon fiber sole are more economical??? $250 vs $270
I am looking for a good triathlon shoe for a converted Gary Fisher mountain bike. This is my first race

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The Dominator and the Genius share the exact same upper. The difference is the purpose and sole. The Dominator is a mountain bike shoe with a lugged sole for dirt and mud. It support two-hole cleats only so you have to use SPD or other mountain pedals. The genius has a flat sole like any road specific shoe and support only three hole cleats used on road pedals like Look Keo and Shimano SPD-sl. If you plan on riding road primarily go with the Genius and a road pedal. If you intent on riding off road, commute, or ride primarily socially go with the SPD style pedal because they are far easier to walk around in.