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What is the darkest shade of the Oakley M...

What is the darkest shade of the Oakley M frame lenses?

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The Black Iridium are the darkest at a 9% VLT (visual light transmission) comapred to the Clear which are the the lightest at 93% VLT.

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Actually, it's 10% (of the light that comes through the lenses), and rated at a index of '3' by Oakley...for very sunny conditions. This is one of the lenses I have, they're really dark, but does not impede or distort vision/details. Look at; go to "optical superiority, and choose "lens tints", and there you can see all the available lenses and all the tech. for each. You can even view a simulated outdoor environment (many to choose from), and see an example of how each lens will look for whichever setting you've chosen! Really cool!