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What does "Compression" fit mean? Is it...

What does "Compression" fit mean? Is it going to squeeze me uncomfortably while I'm riding? I ride long-distances and want something that's going to stay comfortable for the long haul.

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Hey Patricia,

The fit is very tight. It is great for long distances because the compression fit keeps your legs from fatiguing so quickly, however, you personally may not find it very comfortable.

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Sugoi's compression fit is softer than some other vendors. Compression is measured in millimeters of mercury. Think of an old blood pressure cuff measuring device. How far up does the mercury go on the measuring device. Sugoi's millimeters of mercury, or compression starts at 15 and digresses to 4 around the torso. Some other compression companies goes up to 30 or more.
Think ease of getting product on and off. Think circulation and stabilization versus tourniquet.

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Compression is measured in Millimeters of Mercury. Think of an old fashioned blood pressure cuff. Different companies use wide ranging variances in compression. Some will definitely be too tight for some.
A soft compression is very comfortable as it stabilizes muscles.