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We are getting a Honda Ridgeline and are...

We are getting a Honda Ridgeline and are looking to have this as our bike rack. I am selling my Thule T2 hitchmount and want a replacement that doesn't require taking tires off. Is the Ridgeline bed long enough? It is 60.0 / 79.0 with tailgate up / down.

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This rack has to be used with the tailgate up. It uses the gap between the bed and the tailgate to get secured in place. So the answer to your question, it'll work if the bikes will fit in the bed of the truck standing up. You can't gain extra length by lowering the tailgate.

I'm not sure of the length of your bikes, but my guess is that unless they are very small or kids bikes you'll have to get a rack that has you taking of the tires. Standard bike tires are 26" so that already puts you at 52" in length. so if you have more than 8" between the tires, then the bike won't fit.

In summary, once you get the Ridgline, try to stand the bike up in the bed and see if it fits with the tailgate up and not on an angle.