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Gear Question

The tech specs show shimano tiagra crankset...

The tech specs show shimano tiagra crankset but photos show fsa, what are all the actual components that come on the bike? Since the bike is listed online it would also make sense to list details on headset, stem, fork, length of crank arms, handle bar widths, etc. Not sure why anyone would buy a bike sight unseen without basic specs, unless they planned to swap all components any way, but then might as well buy just a frame.

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The current pictures do show exactly what I have on my bike. The only FSA parts on my bike are the headset and the FSA Omega double crankset. It does have Tiagra 10-speed shifters and derailleur. Everything else (including brake calipers and fork) was Stratos 4ZA which is Ridley's house brand which is fairly lightweight. Tires were Vittoria Zaffiro 700x23. Unfortunately, Ridley seems to have no Icarus bike information left on their website. Before I purchased the bike, I contacted Backcountry and they were able to measure some things for me.